Banking Operations & Administration

Barton Klugman & Oetting: Bank of America v Hipolita
International Private Banking operations and practices

Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe: Economic Overseas Development Corp. v Norcross
Check endorsements, signature verification and bank checking account controls/procedures

Del Tondo & Sheehan: Bongo v. Citibank International
Credit card operations and fraud detection practices

Gibbons Lees & Connely: Coachella Valley JPIA v Bank of America
Wire transfer process, procedures and industry practices and policies

Aguirre & Meyer: William Dick et al v Western Trust Services et al
Custodial trustee duties and fiduciary responsibilities; bank account relationships/monitoring

Cozen & O'Connor: Fireman's Fund Insurance v Bank of America
Signature/ endorsement verification procedures and policies; check cashing practices

Arter & Hadden: Regency Savings Bank v Frazee East Property Partners
Bank marketing and signage, post acquisition customer retention

Douglas Pettibone Law Office: Gresean Industries adv Wells Fargo Bank et al
Check and wire transfer fraud; bank process, custom and practice

Frandzel and Share: Bank Leumi adv Charles Dabby et al
Letter of credit payments and collections; rights of offset and banking practices

Gebhardt & Smith: First National Bank of Maryland adv Kirby
Checking account payments, signature/endorsement verifications; loss protection practices

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher: Cryoqip v Tokai Bank
Check endorsement and deposit practices; depository bank duties and liability

Knapp, Marsh & Jones: Bitonti v Wells Fargo Bank et al
Safe deposit box operations; access policies, practices and industry custom

Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy: Morrison & Foerster adv State Stree Bank & Trust
Corporate trust disbursements; trustee functions, standards and practices

Proskauer Rose & Goetz: Banca Del Sempione v Provident Bank of Maryland
International letters of credit documentation and interpretation, collections custom/ practice,

Ronald Gallant Law Office: Miller v Home Savings FSB
Bank operations policies and practices; Check cashing, signature verification account changes

Saltzburg, Ray & Bergman: California Commerce Bank v Duarte
Foreign exchange and currency trading; international funds transfers

Smith Bentley & Hartnett: Stolec adv Pabich
International banking operations; Securities account vesting and characteristics

Prindle Decker & Amaro: F & M Trust Co. Adv Grant
Conservatorship duties and fiduciary responsibilities; trust accounting and records

Clausen Miller: Travelers Insurance v Fulton Bank
Forged checks and endorsements review, ATM deposit practices


Banking/S&L Management and Director/Officer Functions

Garvey Schubert & Barer: Resolution Trust Corporation v G Jacques et al
Board/management actions/oversight in commercial and construction loans and investments.

Tuttle & Taylor: Resolution Trust Corporation v Baker
Board/management control and oversight of syndications, investments and new venture

Perkins Coie: Resolution Trust Corporation v Gillam et al
Board of Directors oversight and control of commercial real estate lending activities

Post Kirby Noonan & Sweat: Jones adv Thrift Guaranty Fund, FDIC
Financial viability of company, duties of disclosure to stockholders, regulatory issues

Preuss Walker & Shanagher: Resolution Trust Corporation v Dennerline
Board/management oversight and control of lending program, policies and personnel

Benjamin Weil & Mezer: National American Bank v Liu
Director/officer fiduciary duties and responsibilities in bank management and lending

Tuttle & Taylor: Resolution Trust Corporation v Tushner et al
Board/management control, policies and prudence of investments and new businesses

U.S. Department of Justice: U.S. adv Anchor Savings
Savings & loan management practices and appropriateness of business strategies

U.S. Department of Justice: U.S. adv Old Stone
GAAP and regulatory accounting practices, treatment of supervisory capital forbearances,

U.S. Department of Justice: U.S. adv Hometown Savings
Assessment of capital compliance and business plans; GAAP and regulatory accounting practices, treatment of supervisory capital forbearances


Loan Underwriting and Administration

Hall & Baily: Bank of America v Chrysler et al
Commercial real estate loan documentation; lender due diligence, title insurance standards

Folger & Levin: Shidler v Household Commercial Finance Corp
Loan guarantor underwriting practices and industry custom

Perona Langer & Beck: Goodwin v Wimbledon Associates I et al
Land lending underwriting and approval practices and policies

Frandzel & Share: Republic Bank v Guardian Savings/Resolution Trust Corporation
Residential loan underwriting; lender's due diligence customs and practices

Latham & Watkins: Pasternack et al adv Miller
Truth in lending disclosures and calculations; hard money loan funding

Preuss Walker & Shanagher: Resolution Trust Corporation v Dennerline
Commercial and construction loan underwriting and administration; lending policies

Baker, Silberberg & Keener: Rubin adv Axelrod et al
Toxic contamination effects on commercial real estate loan underwriting; loan feasibility evaluation

Avner, Avner & Heyman: Hawthorne Savings Bank adv Takaki
Loan escrow custom and practice; lender and escrow agents' fiduciary responsibilities

Browne & Woods: Rubin adv Axelrod et al
Toxic contamination effects on commercial real estate loan underwriting; loan feasibility

Frandzel & Share: California Commerce Bank adv Daggett
Custom, practice and structure of subordinate loan financing, risk/reward trade-offs

Paul Hastings Janowsky & Walker: Downey Savings v Sifferman Commercial loan underwriting

Ramseyer & Kuhlman: La Jolla Shores Clubdominium adv Scripps Bank
Bank loan underwriting and due diligence for non profit organizations; lending custom/ practice

Wilson, Kenna, & Borys: Lawyers Surety Group v Tookey et al
Loan underwriting and appraisal criteria; title search and insurance requirements

Golden Law Offices: Choice One Financial v Fidelity Federal
Credit card financing program profitability, credit scoring and credit risks

Frandzel & Share: Universal Savings v Via Maria Homeowners Association
Lender liability; Construction lenders' functions, duties and actions; problem loan resolution

Charlson Revich & Williams: Hart adv. First Federal Savings Bank
Multi-family loan underwriting standards and requirements

Paul Hastings Janowsky & Walker: Downey Savings v Boyajian
Truth-in-lending applicability; damages analysis


Business Lending

Aguirre & Meyer: William Dick et al v Western Trust Services et al
Bank loan monitoring procedures and practices; lending policies and standards

Frandzel & Share: City National Bank v Janneck
Line of Credit lending, loan approval policies and practices

Damrell Nelson Schrimp et al: Arismendi et al adv Union Safe Deposit Bank
Insider transactions; lending practices, and regulatory issues and relationships

Frandzel & Share: Cathay Bank v Quan Business/commercial lending, loan underwriting and approval customs & practices

Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley: Televideo v Wooam Data et al.
Letters of credit industry customs, practices and procedures

Blanchard Krasner & French: People Feeders Inc. adv. IRS
Tax court opinion on corporate acquisition financeability and sources of repayment

Folger Levin & Kahn LLP: Wentworth adv Willis
Structured financing agreement; borrower's creditworthiness and financing alternatives

George Donaldson Law Offices: Johnstone v First Bank NA
Large commercial credit underwriting; anti-tying regulatory requirements and standards

Jones Vargas: Bank of America adv Nevada Coin Mart
Troubled commercial loan workout practices; Line of credit renewals and denials

Kirkland & Ellis: Hughes Direct TV v G.E. Capital
Consumer credit financing programs; TIL compliance; underwriting and collections

Winston & Strawn: Chase Manhattan Bank v Bank Brussels Lambert et al
Major international loan syndications; structure, duties and fees for agent and lead banks

Deming Law Office: Black v Otabai Inc
Lender liability , obligations to third parties, broker standards and rights

Bain (Randolph) Law Office of: Bank of America v Miller et al
Credit card underwriting due diligence, industry practices re: business credit cards

Lasky Haas & Cohler: First Republic Bank v RLI Insurance
Bank lending custom and practice re: insurance coverages and claims


Construction Lending

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher: Union Federal Savings adv Doyle
Construction loan administration, inspections and disbursements - retail/commercial

Frandzel & Share: East West Federal Savings Bank adv Wong
Residential construction lending administration practices, disbursement controls/procedures

Stuart Waldrip Law Office: First Fidelity Thrift & Loan adv Higgins
Lender liability; Construction lending and funds disbursements practices

Morris Polich & Purdy:
Lenders Liability: Construction lender's role and actions in problem asset marketing

Monteleone & McCrory: Western Landscape v Bank of America, HLC Construction et al
Construction loan funding and administration customs and practices; lien releases

Pillsbury Madison & Sutro: Manufacturers Bank v. Henry et al
Construction loan administration and inspection customs, practices and standards

Dunn (Bruce) & Associates: Malley v Tokai Bank et al
Construction loan disbursement practices; loan payment tracking


Foreclosure, Workouts & Bankruptcy

Genson Even Crandall & Wade: Boone v G.E. Capital Mortgage Services Inc.
Bank loan servicing and accounting practices re: bankruptcy filings and stipulation

Frandzel & Share: Hanmi Bank v Kim et al
Enforcement of loan guarantees, problem loan workout practices and standards

Seyfarth Shaw Fairweather: Palm Plaza Bundy Partnership v Citibank
Major income property foreclosure practices and lenders standards of care

Evans Farber & Cipinko: McFarlane v Great Western Bank FSB
Residential loan foreclosure procedures, problem loan practices and industry standards

Alvarado Smith Villa & Sanchez: Coper Fellowship adv Riviera Financial Corp.
Foreclosure practice and procedures re: large income property loans

Paul Hastings Janowsky: DSL Service Company v Heitzler
Banking due diligence standards in loan purchases and collection dispute resolution


Mortgage Banking / Loan Servicing

Manatt Phelps Phillips: M-West Mortgage v United California Savings Bank
Forensic accounting; purchase/sale of mortgage loan servicing portfolio

Wilke Fleurie: KPMG Peat Marwick adv Bank of America
Mortgage banking industry trends and conditions

Morrison & Smith: Imperial Credit Industries v Marathon National Bank
Loan sale representations and warranties: enforceability, customs and practice

Lobb Cliff Heaton & Roth: American Danatron v Joseph Insurance Services et al
Commercial liability insurance coverage; broker practices and standards of care

Rutan & Tucker: Imperial Credit Industries, Inc. adv Vilotti
Mortgage loan fraud detection/prevention, quality control, market conditions and damages

FDIC : FDIC et al adv Matrix Capital Corporation
Interpretation of mortgage servicing rights in mortgage securitizations

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. : FDIC adv Bank United
Loan purchase due diligence standards, ARM loan interest adjustments

Sidley & Austin: Alicante Plaza adv Anchor Bank et al
Participation loan lead-lender servicing and foreclosure management

Tuttle & Taylor: FDIC adv. Bankers Trust
Damages assessment in REMIC losses Sub-prime loan underwriting and servicing;


Wrongful Termination & Compensation Disputes

Bonar Incorvaia Glancey: Guild Mortgage Corp adv Shelton
Wrongful termination, mortgage banking accounting, administration, and organization.

James Miller Law Office: Nelson v Farmers Insurance
Wrongful termination; duties & requirements of loan origination employees. Damages

Lawless & Horowitz: Funch v Santa Cruz Federal Employees Credit Union
Wrongful termination; Fidelity bond; standards of management actions and behavior

Nemecek & Cole: Trident Financial adv Hansen
Severance compensation analysis; industry custom and practice

Thompson & Heller: Carpenter v US Bancor
Personnel evaluation and counseling practices; standards/customs in executive severance

Preston Gates & Ellis: The Pacific Bank adv Eckersley
Wrongful termination; executive employment contract terms and value; industry custom


Securities, Investments and Brokerage

Garvey Schubert & Barer: Resolution Trust Corporation/ Family Savings
Securities investments and trading; Investment policies; asset/liability management

Perona, Langer & Beck: Burrell v Gene Morgan et al
NASD arbitration; broker duties/standards, investment disclosure/ uitability; account churning.

Randall Johnson Law Office: Leach Trust v H.J. Meyers, Kemper Securities et al
NASD arbitration; securities broker duties, investment suitability; account churning

Tuttle & Taylor: Resolution Trust Corporation v Tushner et al
Oversight, control and policies for securities investments and trading

Ward Kroll Jampohl: Wolflick et al adv Creedon
Securities brokers standards of care; investor advice and portfolio concentration

Peter Winkelman Law Office: Trust of Veola Nelson
Fiduciary trustee's fees

Finer, Kim & Stearns: Fogg v Merrill Lynch
Securities broker trading standards and duties, options trading

Sidley & Austin: City of Orange v Alabama Treasury Advisory Program
Securities fraud; settlement procedures; transaction structure and reporting

George Donaldson Law Offices: Advantage Partners v Invesco
Valuations and damages calculations re: closed end mutual fund investments


Real Estate

Baker, Silberberg & Keener: Rubin adv Axelrod et al
Toxic contamination effects on commercial real estate loan feasibility

Conkle & Olesten: Landpac v ABQ Bank,/Resolution Trust Corp
Land Development and joint venture transactions and practices

Dimarco & Araujo: Gold adv Heath
Resort development feasibility and financing; equity/debt financing practices and markets

Fernando Tafoya Law Offices: Rodriguez v Remon, Realty World et al
Real Estate brokers' duties and responsibilities

Morrison & Foerster : Corporate Property Investors v Upscale Foods
Regional mall leasing; market conditions; damages mitigation

Musick Peeler & Garret: Chase Manahattan Trust Co. v Bank of Amrica, et al
Commercial real estate sale/leaseback structure and terms, refinancing feasibility

Testa & Associates: San Marcos Joint Venture v Sumitomo Bank
Commercial and ground lease issues; problem loan/foreclosure custom and practice

Alvarado Smith Villa & Sanchez: Coper Fellowship adv adv Riviera Financial Corp.
Retrospective appraisal of large asbestos-contaminated apartment complex

Hawkins & Sofonio: Sofonio v First American Title
Title insurance coverage; claims handling bad faith

U.S. Department of Justice: U.S. adv Landmark Land and FDIC
Real estate appraisal practices and standards; valuations of $1 billion+ real estate

Zilinskas & Jacobs: Adrian v Price Waterhouse
Real estate syndications; investment unit pricing and disclosures

Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp: Sharps v Hamilton
Real estate development practices, nature of financing, damages assessment

Tuttle & Taylor: FDIC v County of Los Angeles et al
Property tax levies and penalties; financing properties subject to liens




Damages and Economic Analysis

Hill Genson Even Crandal: State Farm Insurance adv Stoykovic
Statistical issues and analysis of patterns in claim s handling

Leland A. Stark: Rene Day v Burlage, World et al
Valuation of employment contract and damages incurred

McClung & Davis: Thomas v Jasmine Partners
Damages assessment - fixed rate versus variable note financing