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MCS Associates takes great pride and care in identifying and selecting the right expert with the specific specialized expertise needed for each assignment.

In addition to our core group of consultants and experts, we draw on our broad-based resources and contacts developed over more than 27 years of consulting for financial institutions, lending/real estate and the financial services industry, as well as our extensive strategic alliances with individuals and organizations in academia, economics, insurance and the securities industries.

MCS Associates' litigation consultants/experts are carefully selected and experienced bankers, lenders, consultants, economists, real estate analysts/developers, insurance and securities brokers and managers, accountants, appraisers, educators and former regulators who understand the litigation process. They include nationally recognized industry and technical experts. Supported by MCS Associates research, analysis and coordinating resources, they blend their specialized knowledge and hands-on expertise to deliver credible, persuasive and expert testimony and analysis.

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